Hard Disk Crash

I should have been paying more attention. I was cleaning up some mailing list I subscribe to and all of a sudden I get a bunch of errors. I go log into the file server and there are access errors on the screen. Reboot and the hard disk isn’t even mountable.
Seem the second disk in the mirror got kick out a couple weeks back. At the time I added it back but I guess the reason it got out so sync was the first disk was failing.
So I pulled the ide cable out of the primary hard disk and rebooted and the machine came up cleaning using the secondary hard disk. Other than my pride being hurt I am down 2 weeks worth of email that I had read and copied to my home drive and a few changes I made to my address book. Not a huge loss. I may try and boot the hard disk tomorrow and see if allowing it to cool down will give it a chance to recover. This hard disk is less than a year old so is still covered by the warranty.
I have dropped in a spare 120 Gig drive that I bought for just this situation and it has just finished synchronizing so I have working raid 0 set again.
If I had been looking at my logs I would have seen the errors going back a few weeks. Doh.

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