I made a discovery yesterday. I have a loft. At the front of the house it is about 4 feet high at the back it is about a foot. This is good news because tonight I pulled 4 sets of CAT 5e ethernet cable from the basement to the loft area then dropped them back down to the back bed room where all the computers are. Next I am going to run cables to the living room, I might as well make it 4 since I know that if I don’t do it I will end up doing it later anyway. I want to pull 4 cables to the front bed room as well but I am going to leave that till last.
I also found out why the telephone lines were giving me such a shitty dsl connection. The cable runs from the basement to the loft area then splits in two one goes to the front bedroom the other goes to the back bedroom. The cable the goes to the front is two pieces spliced together. All the connections look like someone took the wires twisted them together then wrapped electrical tape round them.
So at the end of this cabling frenzy I can get rid of the cable that runs from the back bedroom to the front one for the wireless base station. I can hook up the TIVO so I don’t have to use a laptop as a serial to wireless ethernet bridge.
Do you think it is to nerdy to run a network port to the kitchen?

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  1. ioevri1 says:


    I would have to say NO! So after you do yours you can come do mine! LOL