Man am I burnt

I spent yesterday at the kinetic races in baltimore. I followed the race round on my bike from the start at key highway up federal hill. Then onto canton for the first water test. The sculptures had to go into the water round a pier and back up again. The most exciting part was watching the sculpture of a train get caught in the wind and float off towards the police dock. The police boat came and towed the first carriage back to land but the last two carriages got disconnected and floated off on their own till towed back in by a kaiak. Then race to patterson park for the obstacle race over a pit of sand then mud. Then a race back to the museum of industry for the second water test. The sculpture that looks like a black dog freaked out one of the horses you find at the inner harbor for carriage rides and destroyed a few wooden barriers. I had to leave before the end to go to DC. Man am I red. ooops.

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