Well thats me finished running networking cable in my house. The front bedroom was a lot harder than I thought it would be. The existing cable was run between the new ceiling and the old ceiling then went through wood stud in a single small drill hole, So instead of buying an extra long drill bit I just ran the networking cable next to the cable line. Its not where I wanted the network cables to go but it is now done. All the cables are terminated at sockets in the rooms and RJ45 connector in the basement and are currently plugged into a switch and hub. Each room has 3 Cat 5e cables run to. I didn’t run anything the kitchen. I couldn’t think of a good reason to do it 🙂
So thats one thing to strike off my do list. Things still left.
Do something with the garden.
Do something to route the exhaust fan and the extractor fan in the bathroom to somewhere other than the loft.
Find out why the light outside the backdoor doesn’t work. I looked and couldn’t find anything obvious.
I thinks thats the main things.

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