Should I feel accomplished?
I reconciled 4 months worth of credit card statements.
I posted 740 ish photos on
I cleaned the kitchen (sort of) I am in need a of a paper recycling day so I can empty the recycling bin
I bought a smoke alarm to replace the one that doesn’t seem to be working.
I did 2 loads of washing
I planted flowers in my garden. I Now have 4 hardy pansies, 2 chrysanthemum’s, 4 dianthus and 20 daffodils bulbs. So we will see if the squirrels get the bulbs.
I finished reading the first harry potter book.

I didn’t finish my filling,
I didn’t clean the house, well I did a little tidying
I didn’t pay the bills that have been in my bag for a week
I didn’t put the snortui code on sourceforge.

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  1. ioevri1 says:

    I would say no…

    not because of what you listed below that you didnt do, but because you only did 2 loads of laundry. I think you could have done at least one more! ;p