I took today off in leu of working saturday. I finished reading one of the harry potter books and started the next one. My achievement of the day was fixing the lock on the boot of my car. I have been putting it off till I had time to look at it put it back together then go to the dealer to pick up the parts I needed. Turned out that all I need to do was strip down the lock barrel degrease it rub off some corrosion on a couple pins then put it all back together. Once i worked out how to put it all back in the car I discovered that the car alarm would go off every time I opened the boot (thats trunk for you yanks). So after looking at it a bit more I worked out the microswitch in the lock wasn’t working, After pulling the lock out for about the 20th time I looked at the switch and saw that the wire had snapped. I didn’t think it was worth soldering so I made a trip to the dealer. $36 dollars later I have it installed and working. $36 dollars bought me a microswitch cost probably $0.10, a foot of wire $.20 and a connector $0.50. I have a feeling I could have replaced the microswitch if I had access to good electronic store, but this one had a couple holes in it for mounting onto the lock mechanism and I bet about $36 that they are not in the standard position. So now everything works as expected so mission accomplished. I can at least look on the bright side I didn’t pay for a dealer to make the repair, they would have just replaced all the parts for $100 plus at least another $50 for the labor.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    glad it was a productive day

    you deserved the time off… too bad it was raining.

    enjoy thanksgiving!