Had fun weekend, bought an 80 gig hard disk and a 120 gig hard disk and a new ata 133 controller. Typical the ATA controller doesn’t work in my old P233, so I made a backup of the 120 gig mirrored disk onto a spare 120 gig hard disk. I am currently copying everything off 2 6 gig hard onto the new 80 gig disks since I think one may be in the process of failing. This all started because I ran out of disk space and I can’t be bothered/don’t have time to delete stuff. The original plan was to add the new controller and a 120 gig hard disk and make the mirrored pair a raid 5 array. The back up plan is to move /usr/src to the 80 gig or just add the new 120 gig drive as a slave on the existing ATA 100 controller suck up the fact that it might be slower.
I am also looking at the possibility of putting a new motherboard in the P233 case. I replaced the power supply a while back so I should be able to add a new motherboard in with out a problem.

I gave up waiting for 120 gigs of data to copy so went to DC and had dinner at Bombay Bistro then saw Sideways at the arlington cinema and draft house. It is funny film if you haven’t seen it already.

Today was Breakfast with a washington post and some american history via a cartoon on the WB channel. So I learn about Paul Revere and the phrase “the british are coming” I was surprised that something of semi educational value was playing on WB. Then a quick trip to Microcenter to price out some motherboards then lunch with some friends then dinner with some other friends. The conclusion is most of us hate our jobs.

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