I have a packet of Milk Chocolate hob nobs, a laptop, a 3.5 inch USB drive enclosure with my old failing 2.5 laptop hard disk enclosure in it sitting open on my desk. So it is safe to say I am having a geek day.

I worked on updating my resume this morning. I will post it on my imacdonald.co.uk website at somepoint. I am listening to WAMU.

My trip to the post office to get my mail was one of those times where I should taken my bike. A trip that should have taken 15 minutes took me close to 30 mins because they have closed off a lane at the end of Pratt and President.

I discovered this week that my quicken file didn’t copy over correctly to my file server. It seems they do something funny with the file. When I copied it back after swapping out the hard disk the file wouldn’t open. I didn’t know this but the .qdfm isn’t really a file it is a folder with lots of files contained in it. I was able to create a new file then copy data bits to this new file but the stocks were missing and all the account transfers were pointing to the wrong accounts. Which is why I bought a USB drive enclosure and 3.5 inch to 2.5 inch IDE convert able. The disk seems to be working so I am copying everything off just incase I find other files in the future that have the same problem.

Tomorrow is going to be a work on the house day. I need to patch the whole in the living room ceiling from repairing the leaking shower.

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