I am on the plane flying back to washington DC. I had an interesting trip. I not sure I could live in London in the summer. This is second trip I have in June and both times I have suffered from a running nose and itchy eyes. This time I took some allergy pills which took the edge off the the sore eyes and the sneezing.
I made a minor mistake this morning. I didn’t check the beard trimmer. I started trimming and heard it cutting deeper than normal. It was set at 2 rather than the normal 4. So you just have to keep going. I left the mustache the rest is a fuzzy face.
I am flying British Airways. I got bumped up to club class. which is one set bellow the bed seats. I also got the first row so lots of leg room again. club class means a laptop connector, not that I have the converter cable, wider seats, and foot rest al-la lazy boy style.
I was really disappointed in the meal. If I wasn’t going to be on the flight for 7 hours I wouldn’t have eaten it. The label said spinach risotto which on the surface sounds good but they coated it in the most revolting cheese ever. Food has to be really bad for me to consider not eating it and this was really bad. I will be sticking to the asian veggie meal in the future. For flights Iceland air still beats the rest but they annoyed me last time by charging for sodas.
The gig ethernet card came in and the machine came online. I held my breath a little waiting the 5 or 6 seconds before the screen came to life. The Finisar tap also came in which I was a bit miffed about. I had brought one from the US since they tend to take a long time to show up. I was hoping it wouldn’t show up so I wouldn’t have to take it back to the US.
I really need to get a roller bag. Its funny I when I travel I have a Nike back pack that I have had since I was in secondary school. It survived university and almost 8 years in the US. The other bag I use is a blue soft ralth loran bag that is almost as old as the nike bag. I am always striving to travel lighter but when I pack in a laptop, ipod, camera and a set of smarter clothes suddenly the ways a lot.
I have confirmed my dislike for london heathrow. They didn’t post the gate till about a hour before the flight, then we had to get a bus to the plane. Once on we waited for about an hour before finally leaving. They blamed a combination of 50 missing passengers and some more cargo.
while waiting for the gate to be posted I had a beer with a recruiter. She was looking for someone to do pre-sales consulting for either CA or Nettergity. I gave her my card and promised to send on my resume. I don’t know if it would be something I would consider but I am always curious what is out there.
I caught up with the daily source code and am now listening to some Sarah. I can’t help but feel excited and jealous about what he is doing. I look at the security software market and I don’t get very excited. I haven’t seen anything that make me go woah. We have some IDS, some IPS, Virus software but nothing out they that I think will protect the a company from being hacked.
After dealing with zero day viruses over the last couple months I think there has to be a better way to deal with the problem than signature based solutions. There are things like Cisco’s Okina solution but I am not convinced it will do any better. The reality is as long as users are allowed to download and run untrusted executables no system will be free from threats.
On of my biggest fears is the targeted attacks. this is where someone writes a custom piece of bad software. Lets say we target company A. I know have a dozen email addresses in the company. I email a link to them pretending it is something funny. One user clicks on it. This then installs a search program and maps out company sending back the information. I find something interesting maybe a credit card system or some confidential information. I send in a custom program to collect it. If you have a large enough company what are the chances of this being discovered until it is to late?

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