I now have suse 9.3 running on a computer. mp3 playback is in an optional multimedia package and the C key didn’t work on my keyboard which is really strange. I deleted the .kde files and eveything seem happy now. This is the first time I have ever tried to do an upgrade rather than a fresh install. Seems fairly smooth so far.

Initial thoughts,
eye candy, but I like the graphically background on the console window,
I like amoroK. It might even do somethings better than itunes.
KDE takes a really long time to start up.
If they ever want people to use stuff they need to call things by something that is meaning full, what does KluJe do for example? Oh it a live journal poster. I wonder if I installed that when it was 9.0? or was it 9.1?
Sound seems to works perfectly on my on board sound card. I was having a couple issues with the old install.

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  1. webjedi says:

    Sound like the beginnings of a Steven Wright joke…

    “I needed a calendar, but I was a little low on money, so I had to buy an irregular calendar. It doesn’t have any sevens.”

    “So I ran into an old friend on the street, and he wondered why I hadn’t come his party. And I said, I can’t my calendar doesn’t have any sevens.”

    “He said… ‘that’s strange. then why didn’t you call?'”

    “I said, I’m sorry, I just can’t call anybody I want to…. my phone has no fives”

    (I probably murdered the joke, but you should get the picture)