I noticed that BBCA is showing the new episodes of Rebus, and the Tivo had an episode waiting for me tonight. They have changed the cast since the last version. I read online that Ian Rankin thought John Hanna was little out of character for rebus. This one is staring Ken Stott

Here is some info from the Scottish TV site

Rebus’ sidekick, DS Siobhan Clarke, is played by Claire Price (Poirot: The Hollow, The Whistle-Blower, London’s Burning) and Jennifer Black (Local Hero) is his boss Chief Super Gill Templar.

Set in the seedy criminal underworld of Edinburgh, the films are based on Rankin’s novels The Falls, in which a killer leaves distinctive clues by the butchered bodies of his victims, and Fleshmarket Close, involving murder in the immigrant population of the Knoxland Estate.

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  1. platofish says:

    Hmmm. I’ve seen both actors in the role, and read the books. I thought John Hanna was a reasonably fit for the character – perhaps a shade too fit looking , I’d pictured Rebus as being a bit chunkier. I’m not sure Ken Stott is any better, in fact he seems to fit the role less well than Hanna.

    But….its still a good series.

  2. ioevri1 says:

    cool, hopefully I will catch that when I get back from Scotland…

    hey, is there anything you are wanting?