No more 8% beer

Please remind me never to drink 8% beer again. I started the night we Clipper City Loose Cannon (7.5%). This was a surprising nice beer. It is described as having 3 pounds of hops per barrel and was hopped 3 ways, in the kettle, in the hop back, and dry hopped. Then I moved on to Harviestoun Brewery’s Old Engine Oil. This is listed on some web sites as being 6% but I think it was slightly higher than that. It is brewed in scotland and is dark beer and I mean heavy beer and aged in whiskey casks for 6 months . If you were to think engine oil you would be close. The first taste is a surprise and hits you hard. They only sold this by the half pint and after the shock of the first sip it really went down well. The final beer for Lancaster Brewery’s Doppel Bock. I think it was an 8%. This was the one that killed me and it was just an average dark beer. if you see it buy a sampler before drinking a full pint. So I admit it I got drunk on 2 1/2 pints of beer. but they were 20oz Glasses. For the non beer drinker miller lite is 4.2% and sold in 12oz bottles. Wine is between 9 and 14%

One Response to “No more 8% beer”

  1. platofish says:

    Anything much above 5.5% alchohol is bad (for me). I get drunk quickly, but its not particularly pleasant……not like getting drunk quickly on champagne (or any kind of dry, sparkling wine).