New Immigration proposal. This is seems like a good compromise. It splits the illegals into three groups based on how long they have been here. If you have been here less than two years then you need to leave and get back in line for a legal visa. If you have been here 2-5 years you can get a temporary visa at the border. If you have been here more than 5 years then you don’t have to leave. If you are applying to for citizenship then you will need to provide evidence that you have paid all the taxes owed. This still bed the question how to do you prove how much they earned but that is something the US Tax system deals with on a daily basis. It also forces people to report how many years they have been in the country so that solves the problem of someone saying they have only been here a year in order to avoid more taxes.

The next problem is how to do this with out screwing all the people who have been here legally and applying for a green card. Few few of the reports mention anything about the people who have spent thousands of dollars in order to stay in the US legally.


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