Some mornings I wake up wondering if I am truly a geek. I spent most of last night trying to work out why internet explorer wouldn’t open email attachments and then open word to view it.

Then I look at my computer collection
1) webserver with a
2) vmware instance running asterisk
3) file server with 3×120 gig hard drives running in raid
4) Two email servers running
5) firewall with 5 nic ports
6) at least 3 network drops in every room
7) HD tivo that I can telnet into
8) main computer has 2 17inch flats

Am I geek, or someone pretending to be one.

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  1. platofish says:

    *Looks around room*

    Webserver ✓ RAID ✓ TIVO with USB wi-fi ✓ Music server connected wi-fi to hi-fi ✓ cupboards filled with cables ✓

    All sounds pretty normal to me.

  2. Ian says:

    Ah, I feel normal 🙂