I just upgraded the CPU in my file server. This is the one I pulled out. Looks like I wasn’t runnning it at full speed. I blew a motherboard a few months back and had to buy a new one. Since i assumed that the motherboard would run the CPU at the correct speed I left it set at a FSB of 100. Which gave me a speed of 1Ghz. I could have been running it at FSB 133 which would have given me its proper speed of 1.4 Ghz.

So after looking up the info on the CPU I got the following 27016 is an athalon thunderbird
A=Athlon desktop power consumption
1400= 1400 Mhz speed
A= PGA/CPGA M = 1.75 core voltage
S = 95’C die temperature
3 = 256 k L2 cache
C = FsB of 266 (x2 multiplier)
Board speed is 133 Mhz (x2)
AYHJA = athalon Padmino Core ??
01 = 2001
36 = week 36

I should have taken a photo of the new chip but that didn’t occur to me till after putting it in the socket, themeral compound and the heat sink.

From New egg it should be a

AMD Sempron 2800+
Model SDA2800DUT3D
Frequency = 2000Mhz
FSB = 333 Mhz (2x)
Board Speed 166Mhz (x2)
L1 Cache 64KB+64KB
L2 Cache 256kB
Processor Type = 130 nm
Voltage 1.6