I had a big grin on my face last night. I got up early to get the bart to the airport where I picked up a rental car. I drove out to yosemeti park which took about 3 hours. yosemeti is beautiful. I hiked up the mist trail to the vernal falls then on to the nevada falls. these are real water falls not like the great falls in MD/VA. I got close to the top and I was about ready to turn around because I was tired, but I met an indian guy who promised that I was only 5 mins from the top. it took me about two hours to hike 3.5 miles I went up about 2000 feet. I hiked down with a school party from fresno. I didn’t get back to San francisco till midnight which was to late to get the bart back. that’s why I have a big grin on my face

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