treo 700p

I bought a new toy before I went to san francisco. I played with windows mobile 5 phones like the verizon vx6700 at constellation but I didn’t like it. I ended up buying a teo 700p.

I was a little upset when I first got it since it would would come back to life every so often. I ended up wiping the phone completely to find out what was going on. I then ran it for a couple days with out issue. I then in installed verizon wireless sync and it hung with in minutes. I was also having issues with hotsync not syning changes back to my mac. after removing wireless sync everything looks good. my battery life is also lasting more than a day. so the conclusion is that wireless sync is the root of all evil. I need to put versamail and an ssh client bacck on the phone to confirm that they were not the issue but I have a good feeling that it will work

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