Hongying and I worked to put some more information up at http://www.hongyingandian.com. Some work still needs to be done. I converted the site from a static page to a joomla site so we can both update content from any computer.

I have been biking from court house to reston once a week (20 miles each way) and I am starting to think that my 9 year old hard rock might not be the best bike. I went into revelotions cycles in Arlington and they recommended either
the Trek Portland http://revolutioncycles.com/itemdetails.cfm?catalogId=39&id=2712
or the Trek FX http://revolutioncycles.com/itemdetails.cfm?catalogId=39&sort=pricedesc&id=2604,
but this months spare cash went on a repair to my 96 golf which arlington says is worth $2000.
I have also been thinking about getting these http://revolutioncycles.com/itemdetails.cfm?catalogId=39&id=2660

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  1. platofish says:

    Both look like very nice commuter bikes……very, very nice.