Continueing mythtv quest.

I have given up on trying to get my via epia box to run as a mythtv frontend server instead I downloaded Now I can watch TV recorded on either of my Mac laptops which give me the ability to watch something other than desperate housewifes. My 12 inch powerbook is probably at the speed limit for watching a stream over an 802.11g wireless connection, but it works as long as the mythtv application is in the foreground and the power is plugged in. I am still very temped to get a series 3 tivo so I can move my lifetime subscription to a newer platform than my old series 1. I wonder what the ebay price on a lifetime series 1 will be after the ability to do a transfer expires at the end of the year.


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  1. zonereyrie says:

    Once the transfer offer is up then demand should slacken a bit, lowering the resale value, but lifetime boxes were in demand even before the S3 shipped. Some people really want lifetime, and the only way to get it now is by buying a used box. So there should still be some demand and decent resale. (I run )