Treo 700p + Kinoma = abuse of unlimited data plan

New toy. I read a review on for the new version of Kinoma 4EX. After reading it I ended up buying a copy for my treo 700p. In the past I wanted to be able to play back a movie file my paretns sent me of my neice walking, but I ended up failing. The player that comes with the 700p only works with content from the blazer web browser and wouldn’t play the file from a SD card.

After the $20 special purchase price from treo central I am abusing my unlimited data plan. Kinoma can play almost any streaming format and play windows media files, mpg files and flash videos. The 700p on verizon isn’t quite good enough to stream video from google video or youtube, but you can save the stream to the sd card and play it back later if you want the full experience. So in the car I listened to Clyde FM from Scotland while driving along i66 in washington DC.

I now really need a 2.5mm to 3.5mm converter cable so I can use normal headphones and hook it into the tape adapter for my car.

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