I am at Iota http://www.iotaclubandcafe.com in arlington virginia listening to Sean Hayes who is opening for Erin Mckeown. is here as well and completing with for blog posts. Our wife are rolling their eyes in our geekyness

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  1. digitalkatie says:

    How was Erin Mckeown live? Her albums are great.

  2. ioevri1 says:

    Hey… I need to talk to you!

  3. Ian says:

    Cool, I didn’t know she was big enough to be known in UK. I went because a friend suggested it and the venue is just up the road from where we live. The concert was great really enjoyed myself, but she is small, I think someone said 5 foot.

  4. Ian says:

    The livejournal email address in my profile should work.