My bike is now 100 miles old 🙂

ODO: 100
AVG 13.4
MAX 22
TIME: 1:23:10
TRP 18.6

Not being a fan of cycling for 20 miles in the rain, snow and cold I haven’t been biking to work over winter. The weather has started getting warmer and this is first week I have been able to commit to cycling to work. So after walking out his morning in my cycle short and long sleeve top I quickly ran back in to get my thermal bottoms. The radio was reporting the temperature to be 40’F. It started getting a little warmer once I hit Vienna. I didn’t push myself very hard this morning. I also forgot to rest the odometer before leaving so the mileage and distance are a little short. I not going to be able to do this much longer since the group is moving to Dulles and I don’t think I can justify a 30 mile bike ride each way.


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  1. platofish says:

    hehehe….40 deg!!! I wouldn’t dare take my bike out if the temperature wasn’t in the 60s!