Commuting on a Code Orange Day

I Kind a, sort a, on purpose I decided to try taking the bus and metro to work today. I am normally a late riser so don’t appreciate getting up before 8 to get to work, but today and yesterday I have been in training so I had to be at work by 9am. Before my job was moved out to Dulles I used take the metro to West Falls Church and then a reverse commute bus to Reston. This worked out great I left about 8:45 and got to work about 9:30. The Loudoun County reverse commute bus isn’t quite as nice. I have to be out the house by 8am to get on the metro by 8:07 to get to west falls church by 8:25 where I pick up the last reverse commute to dulles.

Overall I have been very pleasantly surprised. The Loundoun County Buses now take the smart trip card and they are lot more comfortable than the bone grinding buses that Fairfax connectors try to run at 65 along the toll road. I didn’t even have to pay today since it was a code orange day for pollution.

After looking at the schedules I notice that they are changing the route to make a stop at the Herdon Monroe Park and Ride in Reston, which will be prefect once we move to reston, this is all assuming we can find a house we like.

So the Loudoun County reverse commute bus gets a b+. I just wish they ran a 9:30 am bus in the morning and a 7PM bus in the evening to give me a little more flexability on my work schedule. Plus one of there buses I see when driving generates huge puffs of black smoke every so often as it drives down the toll road.

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