Another one bites the dust

I have a number of maxtor (now seagate) 120 gig hard drives. I used to use them in my raid array till I got fed up replacing them every 3 months. I needed a hard disk for a test box and the only ting I had handy was was one of the left over 120gig hard disks. Yesterday I logged into the box and the root file system was readonly, kind of strange, maybe it was borked from distro upgrade. I rebooted and the box and ssh didn’t come back to life. I poked at the box this morning and found found it was kind of messed up. I booted the Seagate disk doctor tools and the first thing it reported was drive over heat. Not really surprising since these drive always ran hot, so I ran the disk diag tool, lots over errors

So the conclusion is official an other one bites the dust.

RIP Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 120GB ATA/133 HDD, last known successful diagnostics test 11/27/2005

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