Palm Cancels the Folio

I just read on the Official Palm Blog that they are canceling their new folio product. It is always sad to see a product canceled, but I doubt this one will be missed much. I do feel a little pain for the programmers and hardware people who have probably put in long hours to get a finished product, but Palm say they are going to refocus on a new operating system which they have been in need of for over two years.

Now here is what I want in a new OS.
1) An operating system that can multitask
2) A phone that doesn’t randomly reboot when it feels like it
3) A phone that doesn’t lock up for a few seconds when cell signal drops in an out.
4) A phone that can browse the internet, Blazer is good, but it could be so much better
5) A phone with email that handles imap with folders
6) A phone that I can load third party apps on it.
7) A phone that will play video
8) A phone that will play music
9) a standard 3.5mm headphone jack
10) be able to run legacy apps in a VM at least till we get native apps.

I have looked at the pocket pc phones and the iphone and still stand behind my decision to buy a treo 700p. It does everything I wanted it to when I bought it and more, I just need it to be stable and fast.

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