The Washington Post has a story talking about a 6 year old kid who was reported for sexually harassing a first-grade classmate. He slapped her bum. The police were even called. Then you read

The Virginia Department of Education reported that 255 elementary students were suspended last year for offensive sexual touching, or “improper physical contact against a student.” In Maryland, 166 elementary school children were suspended last year for sexual harassment, including three preschoolers, 16 kindergartners and 22 first-graders, according to the State Department of Education. Statistics for the District were not available.

I mean 3 preschoolers and 16 kindergarten students where suspended. I understand that there extreme things that shouldn’t happen at school but kids need to learn how to interact with other kids and if they are constantly told that anything an adult preserves as sexual is wrong then we will grow up with a generation of kids who can’t interact with each other and form healthy relationships.

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