Leena and Gregs Wedding

If you have been following my twitter feed you would know i was at an Indian Wedding this weekend in Albany NY. Below are a couple of the shots that caught my eye when doing a first scan of the photos.

This is the first real test of my new DSLR and I learned a few things about the capabilities. I wasn’t very happy with the built in flash, I really need to upgrade to an SB 800, in large rooms it would over expose the foreground and you would get bright spots on reflective surfaces. For a lot of the flash shots I dropped the flash exposure down a little to compensate. For the non flash shots I was shooting at 1600 iso which has its draw backs, images are a little softer and I still ended up with a number of shots with slow exposure so they have blurry hand movements. Shooting without the flash meant that the photos have an orange glow from the indoor lighting which I actually I liked for the wedding since i gives a warm feel to the photos. I need to work on getting my usable shot count up higher, i am still wasting some shots because the shutter speed is too slow.

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