Fileserver has a new home

I bought a Coolmaster case a few months back from the CompUSA liquidation sale, I didn’t really need it but it was a good price at the time. It sat in the garage till I had time and a reason to do something with it. Last week I bought a cpu/motherboard/memory combination at Microcenter with the thought that I could put it in the case. When I bought the computer guts I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with them. Then last week I officially ran out of disk space on the file server. So that was it, I found a purpose for all my new toys. I got Best Buy to price match a western digital 500 GB hard drive and I spent this morning putting it all together. I transfered all the drives from the old file server and added the new 500 gig.

So now I have
AMD 64 dual core X2 4800+
2 Gigs of ram
1 x 320 Western Digital pata drive
2 x 320 Western Digital sata drives
1 x 500 Western Digital sata drive
1 x 500 Seagate sata drive
1 x 500 Western Digital Green sata drive

The first 320 is the OS drive, scratch space, and backup.
The two 320 sata drives are a mirrored pair for personal files and src and mail
the three 500’s are going to be raid 5 and be used for media storage

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