Abusive phone calls

I think I may have just resolved the abusive phone calls I have been receiving from blocked caller id and caller id from 0000123456. Jerimia just called from National Financial Systems looking for Frank Edison. He was polite enough to tell me the company he worked for and that their telephone number is 1 800 765 4733. I then explained to him that I did not know Frank and I have had my cellphone number for about 6 years now. He noted that after each call my number had been marked for removal but then went back in the system. He also identified himself as a supervisor so I let him know that I had repeatedly ask to have my number removed and that when I was called at 9:15am on Wednesday that I asked to speak to a supervisor and the caller refused. He said that this was not the way National Financial systems operates, but it seems they have a history of doing this kind of thing. I haven’t decided if I will file a complaint with the FTC yet.

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