Missing Episodes on Netflix Instant Watch

I have been using the Netflix Instant watch feature on TIVO and loving it with the exception of some TV show seasons are missing episodes.

For example
Quantum Leap: Season 1, missing: Genesis (Part 1),Genesis (Part 2), Star-Crossed
Quantum Leap: Season 2, missing: Disco Inferno, Good Night, Dear Heart, Pool Hall Blues
Quantum Leap: Season 3, missing: Leap of Faith, One Strobe Over the Line, Rebel Without a Clue, A Little Miracle, Private Dancer,Heart of a Champion,Nuclear Family
Dead Like Me: Season 1, missing: Vacation, Rest in Peace
Dead Like Me: Season 2, missing: Send in the Clown, Ghost Story, The Shallow End, Hurry, Always
Little Britain: Series 1, missing: How to Make a Little Britain,What Does Britain Mean to You

For those episodes I get the message

“Some episodes of this series are available only on disc.
Click the add button next to an episode to add its disc to your Queue”

Anyone know why? my first guess was that the episodes were airing somewhere, but I can’t find any tv listings for Dead to Me, so that kicks that idea to the curb.

Any ideas?

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