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Looking for a new commute to work

Monday, October 27th, 2008

I just posted this on

Options for a new commute from Herndon to Tysons Corner.

Bike Stats

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Another holy crap moment… I mean shit…. Are they there any minors reading this blog?

On my bike ride home yesterday my odometer turned over 700 miles. This is how many miles I have biked since getting my trek 4300 in May 2008, just before bike to work day.

Currently it stands at
ODOMETER 721.4 miles
Distance to ridden work 12.09 this morning
Time 0:46:32
Avg Speed 15.4 mph
Max 31. mph

This pails in comparison to those crazy guys from the Tour De France who did 2174 miles over 21 days. I am averaging about 130 miles a week which they did in one day, and what more they climbed L’Alpe-d’Huez plus 2 other peaks on the way to the finish.

Biking in DC

Monday, July 28th, 2008

There an article in the Washington post, I really like the line

I sometimes think that etiquette for urban bikers needs more emphasis. I am always surprised when another cyclist passes me without saying, “On your left.” With parked cars on my right and traffic on my left, those three words can be crucial; I wouldn’t want to swerve left to avoid a pothole, only to collide with a passing biker.

This is critical for biking, we are on narrow paths and dealing with cars and trucks, the last thing we need is our own being inconsiderate and not giving a simple warning before passing.

Just this morning I watched one of the metro circulator buses swerve in and out of M street, first it swerved right as if to stop to pick up passengers then it changed it’s mind and pulled out left hard into the lane in front of me, then it decided to force it’s way into the left lane forcing a black SUV out of its lane before it stopped at a traffic light. What do you know the driver had a nextel cell phone in his hand which he claimed is allowed because it is a work cell phone.