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Home Made Soda

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

I made my first home made soda using instructions from

Most of the parts came from a keg kit I bought from someone on craigs list, I added a tire valve from autozone, and some tubing clamps and air quick releases came from Home depot.

On the left is a 5 lb CO2 cylinder, dual head regulator, and the home home made soda cap. The soda cap is made up of bottle cap I drilled a hole in then mounted a car tire valve, then 1/4 inch tubing to an air quick release valve. The third photo shows the quick release that came from the air compressor section of home depot.

I have some flavoring on order from flavrz, if they don’t work, Soda stream has from concentrate called MyWater that I can try.

If i get bored with soda, I can always build my kegerator and bar in the basement. I already have the keg tap and a beer tap, so I just need something the keep the beer chilled and build a bar.