Thunder again

Ok so I am not going to get any sleep for a little while. FLASH one thousand. two thousand, three thousand BANG.

I saw American Pie 2 tonight. It made me laugh but the story just sucked, way to many things going on, they should have just stuck to one or two things or I don’t know, had a start a middle and an ending?

I went to go look at a house today.

Cool the power just went out, I hear the file server going beep as it reboots….

I spent quite a long time looking for the house, how should I know that 29 crosses I66 twice. While hunting for the road where I needed to make a left turn I went passed the Manassas battle fields where some Confederate soldiers were reenacting battle maneuvers. I stopped and took some photos, but they are with real film so it will be a little time before I get them back. It was fun just stumbling onto something like that.

The thunder seems to have stopped, maybe I should go back to bed……

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