I went home for lunch today so I could phone my granny and wish her happy birthday, but I left my address book at work so I had to phone my parents first. It turns out today is my sisters last day at work. She is planning on moving to Brazil at some point in the future.
While talking to my Granny we got talking about the movies I saw on the mall. It turns out she saw the Maltese Falcon in 1943 in London. She was working for a month in London during the war. I wish I could record these conversations because my memory is very bad about details. I might try and take notes next time I phone her.
This is a picture of my Granny, Sister and Mum from Christmas

2 Responses to “Birthdays”

  1. lure says:

    not only can i see the family relation between all of them, i can see it in your face too! that’s so cool.

    i really don’t look like any of my relatives. at least, not like the good ones.

  2. Ian says:

    I thought it would be really cool to get all three generations together. I just wish they had all been looking at the camera.
    I think I look more like me dad