Friday night was dinner at Sunflower Vegetarian Cafe It was amazing to have a choice of more than 2 things on the menu. I would recommend it if you get a chance. After dinner we moved on to Iota to listen to some music.
Saturday breakfast was bagels in the sun. Then work for a while untill I gave up on trying to get something to work. After a trip into D.C. I met up with JW, DS and few other people for a night at the Black Cat Brit pop night. Back home by 3:30am after being stopped on Route 50 by the police. They were stopping everyone looking for drunk drivers. I had only had one beer so I was fine. I am now tired but happy…..

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  1. tracytracy says:

    Black Cat?

    I thought the Black Cat was closed down?

    And there is another brit pop night on Friday nights, called “panic” someplace in DC. Supposed to be pretty good, I almost went this week but I had filled my quota for nights out already.

  2. kimmyana says:

    … It was amazing to have a choice of more than 2 things on the menu …

    Ah, how I know and understand this feeling, indeed! I am indebted to the better vegetarian joints of the world. What did you order?

  3. Ian says:

    Re: Black Cat?

    Sunday was the night was the last at the old location. I think they are moving to the space used by the cage. The other Brit Pop night I know of is at the Metro Cafe which might be the Friday night one you are thinking of.

  4. Ian says:

    I had Tomato Tofu with mushrooms and Vegi protein. It came out looking more like a large bowl of soup with huge chunks of Tomato and slices of Tofu rather than cubes. Mmmmmmmmm

  5. tracytracy says:

    Re: Black Cat?

    Yeah, Metro Cafe, that is it. And Yes, The New Black Cat will be at the space that was formerly known as The Cage.

    – t