I can’t belive this, it is like reading a book except this time my friends and family are phoning me to check I am ok. I had a panic email from my mum saying that she can’t call the US, all she could get was recorded message. I replied to an email to my sister that she forwarded onto my mum.
I first heard the news when I drove into work, while stopped at traffic lights I heard someone in the car next to me shouting “FUCK”, I guess he just heard.
We didn’t do any work today just watched the news first hearing that the first tower had collapsed, then the second, then a report that there was another plane circling Dulles Airport which turned out to be false. This is just too much to belive
I don’t know of anyone who would have been working in either the Pentagon or the in the World Trade center but my heart goes out to the friends and family of people who do.

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