I blame for this 🙂
1. I have all tori amos’ albums and seen her in concert twice.
2. I love cats, and visiting people who have them, but don’t have any at the moment.
3. I watch buffy.
4. I’m over the age of 17.
5. i don’t have a webcam that is not switched at the moment.
6. I will correct my spelling and grammar if i know it is wrong.

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  1. lure says:

    you should add more things about you to the list 🙂 it started off as tracy’s way of saying she’s not like the stereotypical livejournaler 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Want a cat?

    I just moved into a “no pet” apartment. I have a cat that looks like your cat Oscar. His name is Seamus and he’s wonderful!!! Need to find him a home. Interested?

  3. Ian says:

    Re: Want a cat?

    I would love to say yes, but there is a possibility that I might move back to Scotland in the near future.