Just got back from lunch with about 15 people. Today is sign out date for a lot of people at my company. It is sad and fun saying good bye to people you have worked with for more than 3 years. I also saw the noc schedule they want me to work 6 am to 10 am a couple days. When I saw I went “You can not be serious”. The honest true is that I am not sure what value it will be to have me there doing that.
I am waiting on someone calling me back. I also got an email from an HR person at an other company doing Unix Admin type work which should be fun. I haven’t hit the websites today. I still have to go through the job in the washington post on Sunday.

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  1. lure says:

    ooh, if only i’d felt better, i would have loved to do a goodbye lunch. but i booked out of there pretty shortly after 9am. *pout*