Ok, so I am a dumbass. I forgot to switch off my alarm clock, and by the time i was able to work out where the off button was (I normally use snooze) I was awake. There was some thunder and lightning this morning so I got up and of course switched on the computer. So far this monring I have done
1) reconfigured the sound driver in linux to use the new card I bought to replace the shitty one on my main desktop machine.
2) got sound working on my file server machine. This has been broken since upgrading the kernel. Should have looked more closely at the config file. Turned out that I had compiled alsa to use OSS and the module.conf or conf.module as I know it file was disabling OSS so the driver would not start up. So it is up and running now and even worked after a reboot. So now can play MP3’s while rebooting my main desktop machine.
3) Installed a new version of opera on linux.
4) Tidied my desk well more dumping everthing in one pile I need to find somewhere to put my scanner rather than on the floor.

Things todo today
1) Finish laundry
2) Book ticket for Xmass flight
3) Do something about my 401k
4) balance my chqeue book, well maybe not
5) finish watching the tutorial for photohop 7
6) Do filing, yeah right.
7) do rebate for my new toy, Rio Volt Sp250

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