hmm haven’t posted for a while, just discovered something. The friends page only goes back so far, that sucks.

I am sitting at home on a Friday night watching episodes of southpark on my tivo and drinking beer. I have a lot of beer to drink. I had a party last weekend and everyone brought beer. So I have 2, 1 gallon containers, and a full fridge plus about another 6 packs of beer. However the carrot cake and the upsidedown pudding were excellent. Oh and I have an icecream cake in the freezer.

The weekend before the party I was in Scotland, I left on the Wednesday got in on the thrusday morning. Decided put more memory in my sisters laptop and reinstall the OS. She had been complaining about it crashing, so I prepped for almost everything. downloading burning CD’s with drivers and software for everything I could think of before getting on the plane. Dialup modems suck….. finished that then on the Friday I went to Edinburgh, picked up my vaccination record from the doctors and promptly lost it then went drinking with some friends from Uni and stopped off for Pizza. I love the UK, Veggie stuff is marked on the menu so it is easy. Then went back to my parents. Then Went to Kate and Sean’s wedding for an excellent day and night of fun. Stayed over night in Edinburgh. The next day had Veggie haggis for lunch and walked to Alien Rock to go indoor climbing. I knew I was done when I couldn’t even climb the easy wall anymore. I need to find somewhere in Baltimore to go climbing. Next day hiked up Glen Tilt and finished the night by having dinner with my Granny and my Family in Dundee. On Tuesday I got on a plane and flew back to baltimore for work the next day.

Just a normal week for me. So I really don’t feel bad about drinking beer and watching South Park.

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  1. ioevri1 says:

    why am i jealous?

    oh, yeah… you were in scotland.


    I will get over it!

    Glad to see ya post.

    oh any idea where i can get a a new lens cap for my camera? C”s brother lost it when i took him and some of band members from “wolfstone” touring in DC.

    Hey did you know there is a singer/songwriter with your name, unless you arent telling me something!

  2. Ian says:

    Go to penn camera, I normally go to the one in Tyson Corner, next to comp usa, They normally have lens caps

  3. ioevri1 says:

    ok coolness!