I think I have narrowed down why my printer is not reporting ink levels. The twist is that it works on my laptop. Either it is the version of Windows 2K I used to install it I have a couple different CDs for windows 2K, or it only works when installed on Windows 2K with SP2. My laptop is only at SP2.
I am trying installing SP3 over the top to see what happens. So far I have tried Windows 2k (don’t now which cd I installed from with SP3), Windows 2K CD1 with out any service packs, Windows 2K CD1 with SP3 and all security patches.
Then Windows 2K CD2 and SP2 which works.

Ok I did CD2 and SP3 then installed the driver and it worked?
So it is either CD1 or the install routine must very picky about when I plug in the printer

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