I think I have nailed up my dsl line, at least till the phone rings. My original plan was to run dedicated CAT5 to the basement the wire it directly to the interface box but I discovered the telephone line in the back room doesn’t go straight to the basement as I had hoped instead to disappears off to the right about 5 feet then shoots down the to the basement. So it looks like I will have to cut a whole in the dry way in the laundry room then pull cable to there then pull it down to the basement. Not that huge a deal just more than I wanted to do today.
Instead I spliced a piece of CAT 5 on the end of the telephone cable and ran it directly to the interface box. This seem to have resolved some of the issues. The DSL line is reporting 1268 down and 384 up and seems to be staying up. One of my Co workers is going to bring in a DSL splitter which I can add inline and should stop telephone calls from dropping the DSL line and I can get rid of those ugly filters.

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