DSL part 2

Ok so my cunning plan didn’t work. So I made a trip to home depot bought a $8 RJ11 crimping tool and set about to run a direct CAT 5 cable from the basement to the bedroom. So I now have a cable the snakes from the basement up the stair and across the hall. I then connected all the other lines in the house to the interface via a dsl filter. Not the most beautiful solution but it seems to have done the trick. At some point I will run the cables behind the walls. I did discover an other twist to the wiring. The front bedroom line is spliced off of the back bedroom line arrg. So the chance of running ethernet to the front bedroom is almost with out some major remodeling.

2 Responses to “DSL part 2”

  1. Ian says:

    I have wireless, but I would still need to run a cable from interface box to the DSL modem and I have a lack of power sockets in the basement. 🙂 I need to look at an 802.11g wireless box. I am still running 802.11b