When is it going to end.

Just as I am starting to clean up from a hard disk failure on my file server another hard disk fails, this time in the Tivo. *sigh* I guess I need to go to best buy and buy another hard disk. This time I am getting a western digital since most of the failures seem to be Maxtors.
I have a friends cat staying with me, she doesn’t like me, she hisses at me every time I walk past her. This morning at 5am she was playing let see who is boss cat with Sarah. She is currently sulking on top of a book case.
Yesterday I laid some insulation in the roof. I guess the guy who did the original remodeling left it in the loft since it has been up there since I moved in. So I just cut it to size and put it in place. There are still lots of space with out insulation so need to buy some more at some point. I have painted the back door and all the exterior woodwork on the back of the house.
I finished organizing my MP3 collection. I had to re rip all my CD (see comment about hard disk failure) over the last few weeks.
I also finished scanning my photos from the Seattle trip and the UK trip. Man, the roll adaptor for the CoolScan 5000 really makes scanning easier. Expect some new photos soon.
I am currently burning photos off to dvd (see comment about hard disk failure)

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