Unfinished business

I didn’t
Replace the Tivo Hard disk,
Finish installing the dead bolt in the basement door,
Build thumb nails and indexing for 13 rolls of film,
top up the litter box,
Finish my filing,
Cook food
I did
Drive down to DC and leave a vase of flowers in HY apartment,
Leave her some emergency supplies, pizza, mac and cheese, bread, soy milk, ice cream, chocolate, jar of pringles, OJ, banna’s, apples, top ramin (for some reason she eats that stuff), and a couple other things.
Make her bed and left Chip guarding a java book on her bed (in joke)
install all the latest patches for OSX
listen to people at work avoid discussing XP SP2 on a call about patches.
try and meet up with two different friends in DC and failed.
try and see if the Mac store has the new air port express (but they were closed)
Listen to about 15 minutes of Love Line (my usual way to pass the time on the drive back to baltimore)

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