I am on a greyhound bus to New York. It never fails to amaze me the cross section of america you see on one these buses. I guess most people with money would drive or fly rather than take the bus, but I am from a country where public transportation works. Plus I don’t think you can beat the $31 return fare from dc to New York.
Everyone has cells phones the woman in front is going beep beep on her nextel. I am typing away on my blackberry. One of the kids in play gameboy. I think the disgusting part of the trip so far is the toilets. Every time someone openS the door on the bus you get strong smell of protapotty blue stuff plus something more ick.

The intention is to go see the christo gates in central park. I also want to go to little italy and see if I can find some good food for lunch. We were consider trying to see spamalot but the tickets were verging on the silly end of high.

My new computer came to the office on friday. $300 later and it is probably the fatest computer in my house. I feel ashamed of my lack of geekyness. I went drinking with friends in dc rather power on a shinny new computer, what is the wold coming to……..

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