I did a bit of searching this evening. I run a geeklog for the local community group. It has been up for about 3 months and see the google bot indexing the site every so often but it never comes up on searches. If you search for Riverside action group baltimore on a about the 4 page you get a link to the mailing list i am testing for the site but not the rag.iwasdot.com site. So I did some hunting. Someone posted a siteindex.php that you can add to geeklog so google has a better chance of indexing it. Since Geeklog is continually being updated the links never have the same content. The idea of the page it that it lists static links to stories that can be crawled and stored in google. I also noticed that the google bot keeps searching into the calendar so I added an extra entry to the robot.txt to stop it doing that my theory is that it never completes the crawl so it never gets added to the google index. So we will see if that makes any difference.

I need to upload some of the photos from new york but I don’t have time tonight, maybe tomorrow.

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