Direct TV will be here in the 15 minutes. That makes it almost 7pm. They were supposed to install between 1pm and 5pm. The new washing machine is missing in action. I got a call this morning at 8am from lowes saying that they were down two trucks and some people so could they reschedule. They were supposed to call back an hour later to tell me if they would be able to deliver today or not. I phoned them about 5pm to see what was was happening and I was told they only deliver in the morning and they all left at 4pm. So am guessing I am not getting my new washing machine today.
So Direct TV is on there second attempt and Lowes might call me at some time to tell me when they can deliver. I feel I was productive today so I don’t feel to bad about working from home.
Once directtv is finished installing i need to run down to comp usa. the power supply went fut on my fire server and I decided it was time to get a new case. I saw one at comp usa and resisted the $129 tag but after looking on line it ammounts to about the same price once you add in delivery.

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  1. yes, hi, here’s your direct teevee, all tuned to the happy 9-25 birthday channel, look at them yoyos, play the gitar on the emtv that’s the way you do it, well anyway got some more shipments you have a great day