I fried a motherboard last week. It even gave off a nice puff of smoke. I got a new one last weekend but I hadn’t been very happy with it. The machine wouldn’t reboot cleanly and wasn’t willing to install suse 9.3. I spent some quality time with it tonight and think I have found the problem. At first I thought the cpu was over heating. So a cleaned the heat sink and dropped some new thermal compound on the cpu. That didn’t fix the problem, so I pulled the raid card and all the disc. I that got me a little further through the suse install but it kept hanging. So I pull the memory from another machine so see if that was the problem. Not much better the box would still randomly hang. I swapped the pci graphics for an AGP one from another machine. This time suse installed all the way. after a little fighting with getting grub to install the machine rebooted flawlessly. I swapped the memory out and it still worked. Then plugged in the raid card and drives and machine looks good. I noticed some errors on one of the raid drives, I think that might be the one I just replaced, I may need to pull it and test it but it is already 12:23

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