I finally got vista build 5342 installed.
I start off trying to us vmware server and it would blue screen before entering the serial number.
I then borrowed the only dvd drive on the floor which is in my computer to perform an install on an old dell GX150. This got me as far as entering the serial number and selecting the disk but it kept coming back saying no suitable disk was found. I ran through the various hard disk in my cube and tested them, out of the 3 I found a 120 gig drive that hadn’t been pulled out due to a failure. I dropped this into a slightly newer compaq desktop and the boot hung before getting to the serial prompt. After letting the disk boot I realised it came out of a box that had a BSD install. After using an XP install cd to nuke the BSD partition and recreate it as an NTFS partition I now have vista running and joined to a test domain. I don’t see any huge differences in the core OS. It does have a large number of new apps IE7, a callendar app, Windows Collaboration, Windows DVD Maker, Windows Photo Gallery, windows defender and media center. So it looks like there are taking a lot of pointers from OSX

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